• Ready for a new form of body relaxation?  Delta 8 gummies offer a complete body relaxation that minimizes the psychoactive effects of THC.  Enjoy a blissful state while binging Netflix or Hulu.  Also, enjoy a restful sleep.  You really need to try Delta 8 if you’re having difficulty finding results from CBD.


    These blue razz (blue raspberry) flavored gummies have a sweet and tart taste with 25mg of Delta-8 THC in every one.  We suggest taking just one as a starting dosage.  A euphoric mental high and body relaxation without the paranoia and anxiety that many experience with marijuana.

    Koi Delta-8 THC Blue Razz Gummies – 500mg


    Delta-8-THC may be relatively unknown compared to delta-9 THC or CBD, but it is one of the four most common cannabinoids. It is chemically very similar to those other cannabinoids, which is why it’s easy to create from CBD or delta-9. Let’s review the basics of those other cannabinoids, CBD and delta-9 THC.

    Delta-9 THC is what people are describing when they think of THC, which is most commonly associated with marijuana. Delta-9 THC is responsible for positive health effects on your body, some negative side-effects (anxiety, paranoia, etc.), all while providing a psycho-active high. CBD is the cannabinoid that occurs in high concentration in hemp. It is used for it’s many body-regulating and calming health effects. CBD is commonly used for anxiety, sleep, chronic pain, depression, general health, sciatica, tendonitis, joint and muscle pain, neuropathy, cancer systems and more.

    Delta-8 THC may potentially provide the power of the positive health effects of both CBD and delta-8 THC, without many of the negative side-effects of delta-9 THC. Delta-8 THC will however, unlike CBD, produce a mental high. You will very often see delta-8 THC abbreviated as D8THC, D8-THC, D8 THC, ▲8THC, or ▲8.