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So how does one find the proper dosage for pure CBD oil?

Updated: Feb 24

So how does one find the proper dosage for pure CBD oil?

Everyone knows that every drug you buy in your local pharmacy has a dosage recommendation. Not only are there directions on dosage, but there are also specific directions for age and time frame as well.

In most cases, we hear the amazing benefits of CBD and we get online and buy a bottle of CBD Oil (that’s a mistake, that I’ll share in another post). When the bottle arrives, we then ask ourselves” how much should I take”

If we want to find the answer to what is the proper dosage, we are going to have to understand the factors that make us different. Here are some examples:

  • Your body fat %

  • Your genetics

  • Your weight

  • Your metabolism

  • What condition are you treating?

  • Your Diet

All of these variables factor into how much you should take when it comes to CBD. The best practice for narrowing in on what is the best dosage for you is by starting with smaller doses and finding your sweet spot.

Take note of how you feel in your body and after a few days if you feel no noticeable benefits then it’s ok to increase the dosage. Take notes each day and write down how much you took so you can keep track of the process. A small amount of CBD oil can be anywhere from 2-30 milligrams, but patience is your number one asset here.

When you begin noticing significant benefits with the dosage you have been using then it is ok to keep this dosage for now. Do not make the mistake of getting impatient and just doubling your dosage right away because you may be pushing your tolerance much higher than you really need to. Take your time and narrow in on the right CBD oil dosage for you. Remember – More is not necessarily better!

CBD is available in different concentrations and if you check the label of your specific product you can find each ml per serving. Based upon the ml per serving you can then refer to the chart we have created for you below to help you understand just what you are getting per ml serving when it comes to your specific product.

Here are some useful starting points.


A Typical CBD Oil dropper guide:

  • 1 Almost Full, 1ml = 40 Drops

  • 3/4 Dropper .75ml = 30 Drops

  • 1/2 Dropper .50ml = 20 Drops

  • 1/4 Dropper, .25ml = 10 Drops

If your condition is in the mild range and you weigh anywhere from 100 - 175 pounds. then 8 mg is a good starting point to begin playing around to locate your personal sweet spot. These are for anyone not really dealing with many illnesses and just want to have the simple benefits of CBD.

If you weigh anywhere from 175 -250 pounds, then you may want to start with 12 mg and if you are 250 pounds or higher then an experiment in the 20 mg area for mild results.

What if you are looking for more than a mild result and you have some moderate symptoms that you need to be alleviated? Well for the person that is 100 - 175 pounds. it is best to start at 18 mg. For someone that is 175 - 250 pounds. you may want to start at around 22 mg and for those that are above 250 lbs. you can go for 30 mg.

As research develops for CBD there are more and more benefits that are being discovered each and every year. If you have extremely severe symptoms to treat then some safe areas to start for someone ranging from 100 -175 pounds would be 24 mg. If you are 175 – 250 pounds. you can start with 30 mg and if you are over 250 pounds and suffering from more severe symptoms you can begin at 45 mg.

Once again, remember that this is merely a suggestion for a starting point that has been popular for the preferred dosages when it comes to the average user. We recommend that you start with these numbers but make sure to experiment in increasing and decreasing dosage to find the ideal dosage for your body.

You can always contact The Village CBD Company for help

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